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"Greetings and salutations, everyone!"


NakaTeleeli is a Let's Player who has amassed a large fandom primarily using Youtube (and TwitchTV for streaming). He has a high number of completed LP's, and is a programmer currently working on his very own game (titled the Welgaea Project). Although he did mention his name in his first video (which has since been edited out), Naka has expressed that he doesn't want his name announced to the entire community. However, it is known that he is living somewhere in the United States and was born on January 12 (mentionned here during the first twenty seconds of the video). It is also known that he works in retail (as of 2014) and use Youtube income to buckle his end of the month.

Let's Play StyleEdit

Naka takes a very dramatic approach to commentary, putting as much emotion and information into his videos as possible. He likes to keep suspense during a game, and actively discourages others from spoiling plot details to others.

He also provides comedy and dark satire, dependent on game. (Persona 4 is heavily comedy due to its light hearted atmosphere, and the .hack//Quadrilogy is nearly devoid of humor)

He also likes to show as much content as possible in his playthroughs. An aversion to this will only comes along if a game has either has as an unlimited amount of content (Minecraft), or if the difficulty is too high to show cerain things (Engage to Jabberwock, Bunny Must Die).


Naka has had a multitude of co-op partners (which can be seen here). This extends to his Maiden Reactions. Mainly, ElementalOgre joins him, and it always becomes a comedy in turn.

Common QuirksEdit

Naka is known in many of his LP's to use a variety of different phrases. A running way for Naka and Ogre to describe themselves is to use manlyness. In many of his LP's he uses these words:

- Thang 

- Nifty

- Poogas

- Manleh

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